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The Medtronic Foundation was created in 1978 and is charged as the primary channel for Medtronic’s strategic giving, with the majority of grant programs thoughtfully aligning with the company’s commitment to improve access to quality healthcare.

Inspired by the Medtronic Mission, the Foundation is motivated to establish Medtronic as a world-class corporate citizen by mobilizing our collective resources, achieving measurable social benefit and reducing the global burden of non communicable disease.

As we continuously strive to realize this vision, we are guided by five values:

  • Through empowerment, we enable people to take responsibility, initiate action, and achieve meaningful results.
  • Through innovation, we embrace novel, creative approaches to catalyze lasting change.
  • Fostering inclusiveness, we strengthen our impact by engaging a multitude of voices, experiences and identities.
  • Demonstrating agility, we respond nimbly to changing social and business landscapes.
  • Upholding perseverance, we recognize that true impact requires long-term commitment.

Shionogi Inc. is the U.S.-based group company of Shionogi & Co., Ltd., a leading Japanese pharmaceutical company. Shionogi Inc, develops and commercializes pharmaceutical products that address unmet medical needs.